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Press Release
July 23, 2014
Contact: Annie Ghijsen
office: 408-535-4938


Rally for Fox News to Fire Bob Beckel over Racist Remarks

A rally will be held by the office of Councilmember Kansen Chu at San Jose City Hall, in front of the Rotunda, July 29th (Tuesday) at noon. This rally calls for Fox News to fire Bob Beckel over his alarmingly racist remarks during The Five, a Fox talk show, on July 10.

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Councilmember Chu believes: “To attack one immigrant group is to attack all immigrant groups. And attacking on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, and language is never acceptable.” The remarks made by Beckel do not only offend the Chinese immigrant population, but also the immigrant population that makes up Silicon Valley. The United States is a country of immigrants, a land of opportunity, and in the past has offered refuge to those fleeing their homeland across the world. Councilmember Chu came to the United Sates in 1976 from Taiwan to pursue a degree in engineering at California State University, Northridge. Upon receiving his Masters degree, he worked as an engineer at IBM for 18 years before becoming a small business owner and school board member.

“Today, I am a public official giving back to and helping the American people and my community, regardless of their race or religion. I am shocked at Beckel’s offensive words. In Silicon Valley, immigrants have been major contributors to the building of the region into the most technologically advanced in the world.” Councilmember Chu urges local high-tech engineering groups and individuals to participate in the rally for the personal affront they have received from Beckel.

His “apology” was perhaps even more shocking; he blatantly refused to recant any of his comments, stating that “there are too many China apologists in this country”. This attack on Chinese immigrants to the United States, especially those working in the high-tech industry, is disgusting and repugnant, and shows alarming ignorance and racism unworthy of being on a major national news network. His “apology” has only strengthened the argument that Fox News should remove Beckel.

Councilmember Chu concludes: “As a Chinaman I stand with all immigrants in the United States calling for Fox News to fire Beckel for his offensive and racist remarks made on air about the Chinese immigrant population in the United States.”

聖荷西市議員朱感生辦公室將於 7 月 29 日(星期二)中午 12 時,在聖荷西市政府廣場(West Plaza, San José City Hall,200 E. Santa Clara St, San José CA 95113)舉行抗議活動。抗議活動的目的是要求 Fox 新聞集團解僱於 7 月 10 日在“五人談”(The Five)節目中,肆意發表辱華、種族歧視言論的主持人 Bob Beckel。



朱感生 1970 年代末從台灣來美留學,畢業自北嶺加州州立大學(Cal State Northridge)工程研究所後加入 IBM 公司擔任工程師長達 18 年,隨後也成為學區教委及小型商業業主。朱感生說:“如今,我是一名民選代議士,一視同仁地為美國及社區民眾服務,回饋社會。Beckel 的歧視性言論讓我剛到十分震驚。”朱感生認為,矽谷目前能成為世界尖端科技的重鎮,高科技移民群體作出了巨大貢獻。朱感生呼籲所有被 Beckel 歧視性言論冒犯的高科技人員及群體,挺身而出參與此次的抗議示威活動表達心聲。

另外,Beckel 隨後的“道歉”更是讓人感到更加震驚;他非但拒絕收回他先前的辱華言論,更囂張地表示“這個國家(美國)已經有著太多為中國的辯護”。他肆意地在美國主流新聞頻道發出如此囂張的歧視言論,不僅傷害了華裔移民群體,更直接污衊了高科技行業服務的移民。這種加劇傷害的“道歉”再次證明Fox 新聞集團應該解僱 Beckel。

朱感生總結:“身為一名華人,我和所有來美的移民群體站在同一陣線,鄭重要求 Fox 新聞集團採取行動,就如此歧視、冒犯性的言論解僱 Bob Beckel”。



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