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Chris Zhang, 张弛,将在11月份的选举中参选 Cupertino联合校区学区委员,这位年轻的父亲一向热心公益,现在愿意从教育平台起步,尽自己一份绵薄之力,服务Cupertino校区。请投 Chris Zhang一票!

以下是Chris Zhang 7月29号在由25区州众议员候选人朱感生召集的南湾反Bob Beckel辱华集会中的演讲(地点:San Jose City Hall )。

照片 (11) chris Beckel

Almost 2 decades ago, my family moved to the United States, to pursue the American Dream.  And the dream was, that everyone was created equal, that through education and hard work, we can live well, free from the worry of persecution and oppression.

So we worked hard.   We also gave back to the community and the country.  I signed up for the US Marines.  I put in thousands of volunteer hours serving my local schools and the community.  Heck, I was even called a banana!

But as I was dreaming the American dream, Jimmy Kimmel and Bob Beckel slapped me on the face, and woke me up.  The truth is, in their eyes, no matter how much we give back to this country, we are still potential traitors.  No matter how hard we work, we are the single biggest threat.  No matter how proud we are to be Americans, to them, we are still a bunch of Chinamen conspiring against our own country, America.

My fellow righteous Americans. Brothers and sisters.  We cannot let our guards down.  Hatred and prejudice are still out there.  From the oppression of railroad workers, to the burning of San Jose Chinatown, to the murder of Vincent Chin, and THIS.   We must fight for our own rights.  It will not be handed to us.  You took a brave step today.  For all of us, our children, and our children’s children, I ask you to put aside our differences, and join Councilmember Kansen Chu in denouncing Bob Beckel, and do everything in your power, to get this clown off the air!

Mr. Beckel, you disgrace the American Dream.  Mr. Beckel, YOU are the single biggest threat to America.   Mr. Beckel, you must step down and ask for forgiveness.   You are afraid of us, simply because we look different.  But you know what?  You should be afraid!  We are a peaceful people, but do not mistake kindness with weakness.  You picked on the wrong crowd.  Now it’s time to pay!



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