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今年國會眾議院加州17區選舉由在華人中頗有知名度的本田議員對陣民主黨硅谷新星,印度裔的羅康納 (Ro Khanna,參見: 先生。羅康納得到了非常多的硅谷高科技公司總裁的支持,也曾對美國當今的高科技,制造業,創新,和產生有競爭力的就業機會等諸多重大問題著書立說,詳細論証 (參見:。



羅康納決定進一步邀請更多華裔高科技精英,包括 MITBBS和文學城網友等等,於8月19日周二晚在Santa Clara市直接面對面交流,誠懇直面回答任何挑戰性問題。時間和地點如下:

8月19日下周二晚 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
3200 Coronado Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054

由於時間比較有限,歡迎有興趣前往的朋友事先和我聯系拿號 (電話:650.999.0172 電郵,前十名保証有時間提問,但不要求事先提交問題。 謝謝大家!

附注:本人是一名SVCA Committee成员。应SVCA会长Alex Chen特别要求,本人郑重澄清,本人促进罗康纳先生加强和硅谷华裔高科技精英交流和对话的想法和行为,完全是个人行为,和SVCA没有任何关系。一周前,本人还完全不认识罗康纳先生,连他的邮件地址都没有。但本人许多朋友知道,在他们帮助我建立 的第一天起,本人就非常希望团结硅谷印度裔朋友,联合反对SCA-5。

下面的这段文字,是本人在主持了和罗康纳先生在线对话后,以及SVCA明确表示今年不会背书任何联邦选举候选人(包括罗康纳先生) 后,本人发给罗康纳先生的一封邮件中的主要一段:

“Personally, I share many of your views regarding the US-China relationship and the China-India rivalry. One of my PhD committee members is an Indian professor, Prof. B.B. Bhattacharyya ( As an old-fashioned gentleman with a British flavor, he is the nicest professor that I have ever worked with. My first formal job after the graduate school was a start-up in SV. We had a whole Indian engineering team transferred directly from Bangalore back in 1999. None of them had attended any U.S. graduate school then, but many of them were very skilled and dedicating engineers. Further, it was easy to work with most of them.

Perhaps things have changed a little bit, or I have never been fully informed, but currently many Chinese engineers in the Valley, especially those younger ones, hold a — quite frankly — hostile view toward their Indian colleagues. Their complaints center on a few issues:

(a) In recent years a lot of under-qualified software engineers came from India and flooded SV, often with fake resumes but some connections with a complicated HR network that helps them to tell fancy career stories. One of my Chinese friends told me that even himself was coached by an Indian headhunter on how to fabricate a 6-page resume full of non-existing credentials; the headhunter even told my friend that all references to those credentials would be available via a network.

(b) Because of (a), Chinese engineers are at a huge disadvantage as to H1-B quotas and Green Card progress.

(c) Because Indian engineers generally have better English skills than Chinese engineers, some Indian engineers often are able to navigate corporate politics at work better, unduly take credits away from their Chinese colleagues who actually did the dirty and hard work, and unfairly attain more promotions. In short, they tend to “talk more, do less” – many Chinese engineers ridicule those Indian colleagues as “far better at making PowerPoint than writing code.”

I don’t really know those issues well. But as I am not sure whether you are aware of such animosity, I just want to bring them to your attention.”

这封邮件当日即在SVCA Committee内部公开。




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