Councilmember Chu responds to Bob Beckel’s Racist Remarks

(San Jose, CA) – I came to the United States from Taiwan in 1976 seeking a better life in a country that promised a life free form hate, the opportunity to be innovative and work amongst other immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds. I have long admired the symbiosis created by immigrants in the United States. The broad categorization of the Chinese tech industry workers in the United States and China as ‘national security threats’ was as offensive and reminiscent of a time when groups of people were excluded from society in the United States because they looked different.

This is not the first time Fox news has allowed these types of comments to be said on air, to attack one immigrant group is to attack all immigrant groups. And attacking on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, and language is never acceptable. As a Chinaman I stand with all immigrants in the United States calling for the resignation of Bob Beckel from Fox News and demand he apologize for his brazen words.

聖荷西市議員朱感生要求Fox電視台主持人Bob Beckel道歉並辭職負責

聖荷西市議員朱感生強力譴責Fox電視台主持人Bob Beckel在7月10日播出的“五人談” (The Five)節目中,肆意發表“中國人成為美國國家安全的最大威脅”的反華言論。朱感生要求Bob Beckel公開向全美華人道歉,並辭職下台以為其不當的言論負責。

朱感生表示,矽谷今天能成為作為全美的科技重鎮,名聲享譽全球,技術移民人才功不可沒,這是大家有目共睹的。Bob Beckel的污衊性的歧視言論深深傷害了許多效忠美國、為美國社會服務的華人。朱感生以自身經歷為例——他從當年來美留學、到後來進入IBM公司任職工程師、至今成為市議員,一直以來孜孜不倦為社會及人民效勞。美國有許多和他一樣經歷的移民群體,為美國社會作出了許多貢獻及回饋。

朱感生說,Fox媒體集團一直以來非常傾向共和黨,因此,所有支持共和黨的華人這一次也應該挺身反對該電視台主持人Bob Beckel歧視華人的言論,要求他鄭重道歉、並要求Fox電視台解僱他。



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