Bob Beckel’s statements on FOX’s “The Five” broadcast are insulting to all Americans and demonstrate his bigotry and perhaps ignorance. He’s done it before. It’s a shame that he’s still given a venue to express his personal thoughts which by no means reflect those of anyone but him. I detest the fact that there are still people on this earth that are prejudiced, but there are. It’s sickening and wrong. And every one of us has experienced it in one way or another. Aside from Native American Indians, America is a nation of people from many countries who came here for opportunity, education and/or to escape persecution. We are one in our diversity and the united strength that we have when we work together. I choose to respond to Beckel’s comments as I have in the past – be bigger than his inane rant and insults. I don’t watch him or pay any attention to what he says. What he says doesn’t influence me or my opinion. Except that it fortifies my belief that there are still people who need to learn that their statements and actions have consequences.

In this era of “political correctness”, every statement, especially those made on air or captured and repeated in the media, attract way more attention than they warrant. If someone wants to be a buffoon, let’s ignore him. If he’s doing it to get ratings, let’s not watch his show. However, I also believe that he should be given the opportunity to apologize. After watching the clips of his rant, and others that he’s done, I certainly don’t have any desire to watch a show that he’s on. An apology will not diminish the insulting remarks he made, and if he’s sincere in any apology, we should forgive but not forget. Let’s learn from this and work to put an end to discrimination, racism and prejudice. All of us.

And, if someone feels that Beckel should be removed from the air, thankfully we live in a nation where we can express that opinion by directly contacting the station. When people like Beckel are given air time to publicize their singular, racist, uneducated, unfounded personal opinions, it’s hurtful to all Americans because WE are one people united into a great Nation.



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