Call To Action – Boycott Begins


[A]  The Clarion Has Sounded!  

It’s time to push back for self-protection.  Please sign the petition

to boycott Fox TV and the sponsors of “The Five,” unless Beckel either resigns or is fired.   To reach the petition, click on

[B]  Why must Beckel be fired?

If he is not, then more such DEMONIZATION of Chinese will come, until some of our fellow Americans will begin to act out such vicious accusations.  Remember what Beckel said,

Really, doesn’t anybody worry about these people?  Billions of

them, and all they do is hack into our stuff.  They send us

cheap toys, all of which got lead in them. They kill kids.

What a racist! Note he said billionS, that means just hating Chinese citizens is NOT enough for Beckel.  He hates Chinese-Americans, Chinese-Canadians, all persons of Chinese descent including those having settled outside of China for generations and also those who are part Chinese.

If our fellow Americans will only share 1/10 of the hate Beckel is spewing, forget winning equal opportunity for our children in colleges admissions, forget your career ambitions in workplaces.  Our lives, liberty, self respect, and properties will be severely threatened.

We must get a huge number of petitioners each day for 3 days.  Be sure to get your spouse and other members of your family to sign too!  After that forward the “thank you” reply from 80-20 to all friends to ask them to sign also.  After 3 days, the ripple effect which 80-20 has designed will likely keep the momentum going bigger and bigger.

As soon as you’ve signed, your statement will be sent to at least 8 top mangers* of Fox TV and the largest sponsor of “The Five” on Fox.   I have signed.  Tens of thousands of others will.

 [C]  Don’t Accept 2nd Class Citizenship

FRANKLY, if the word “Chinese” had been replaced by Jews or blacks, Beckel would have been fired a long time ago.   Go sign the petition NOW! 




S. B. Woo, a volunteer

President, 80-20 National Asian American Initiative, Inc.
*  Your petition will be sent to

a) Managers of Fox:

Mr. Rupert Murdoch: [email protected]

Mr. Roger Ailes: [email protected]

Ms. Irena Briganti: [email protected] 

b) Managers of the the largest sponsors of “The Five”:

Mr. Warren Buffett, Geico:  [email protected]

Mr. Mike Getlin, Merit Gold & Silver:  [email protected]
Mr. Mark Katz, New Day USA: [email protected]

Mr. Marin Aleksov, Rosland Capital:  [email protected] and

Mr. John McCabe, Shriner Hospital for Children: [email protected]

There is a chance that above e-addresses will block us after a while.  But don’t let that  discourage you.  We’ll get your signed petition to the managements of Fox and its sponsors one way or another, including the use snail mails.   Sign the petition NOW!