Secretary of State Debra Bowen with 本文作者

作者:Erika Yang

photographer: Henry Guo

我是一个出生在中国家庭的美国孩子。在我成长的过程中,我知道亚裔的家长是怎么培养他们孩子的。在圣诞节,当别的孩子收到他们喜欢的玩具时,我醒来,收到的常常是学习用品。我清楚的记得,有一次,当我洗澡的时候,我的妈妈提醒我要缩短洗澡时间,要节约用水。虽然在我身上已经具有了亚裔美国人的特质,但我并没有真正理解当一个亚裔美国人的责任。直到我参加了12月5日由APAPA组织的与加州州务卿Debra Bowen女士的晚宴,才认识到这一点。


Erika Yang 是美国加州Livermore城市Granada High School 九年级的学生。她不仅是一个有竞争力的游泳运动员,而且还是学校九年级学生会负责人。在学校,她致力于帮助学生向学校表达对一些问题的看法。课余时间,她喜欢画画,平面图形设计和弹钢琴,并多次获奖。她也是CACC中文学校学生会的Vice President。她还创立了”青年国际商务倡议“高中生俱乐部,以提供一个平台来促进高中生国际间的文化和商务学习交流。

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Growing up, I always thought I had an idea of what it is like to be Asian. While other kids would be given toys on Christmas, I woke up to a stack of SAT books that my parents happily gave me. Once, I was even reminded that I should take shorter showers because I was wasting water. Although I accepted the traits of being an Asian-American, I didn’t understand the responsibility of it until I attended the dinner with the Secretary of State, Mrs. Debra Bowen, on December 5th.

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During the dinner, I had the honor of listening to all the speakers, who were organized by APAPA. I realized that Asian-Americans are one of the largest growing ethnic groups in America, yet there are not many Asian public figures who actively participate in our community. There needs to be more of us who are willing to raise our voices and vote on important issues that affect not only California, but also our nation. Although the conference was only two hours, the effect that it had on me will last for a lifetime. I now not only understand the Asian culture, but also accept the responsibilities of being an Asian-American.

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Erika Yang is a freshman attending Granada High School in Livermore, CA. She is not only a competitive swimmer, but also the class president at her high school, who is dedicated to help the student body voice their opinions on school issues. In her spare time she likes to draw and design graphics, along with competing in piano competitions. Her greatest achievements include winning first in a piano competition and science fairs, becoming the Vice-President of the CACC student council in Pleasanton, CA, and founding her own club named “Youth International Business Initiative (YIBI)” to internationally promote business among the youth.



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