Drug Awareness Education Forum

APAPA Trivially Chapter (TVC) will co-host with the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse, an education forum for our community teens and their parents to learn more about prescription drug safety and drug abusing issues .

It will be a seminar when You will listen to a mom to share her heart breaking true story, who lost her son because of drug abusing.

It will be a good opportunity for us to learn from the experts so as to work together with our kids to stay away from drugs.

If you would like to join in the seminar, please sign this form ASAP. Thanks.




这次讲座的另外一位主讲人是San Ramon市警局负责社区资源方面的Matt警官,他将给大家介绍各种毒品及其危害的相关知识。让我们家长能够对各类毒品有更清楚地了解,以便教育我们的孩子远离毒品,万一孩子接触毒品时也能及时发现。

Time: 3/24/2016, Thursday, 7-9pm

Location: San Ramon Community Center, Terrace Room.
12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583



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