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让我们一起携手支持FCSN 20周年募款晚会

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8月28日,本地非盈利组织“华人特殊儿童之友” (英文Friends of Children With Special Needs, 简称FCSN),在Fremont活动中心举办了20周年庆祝大会,共有约近百人参加。




( 图为:FCSN的新任会长 - Berkeley的胡正明教授 )

28日的庆典特别介绍了FCSN的新任会长 - Berkeley的胡正明教授。胡教授去年12月刚在白宫被授予技术和创新的国家勋章。因为自己的儿子有唐氏综合症,胡教授很了解像FCSN这样的团体对特殊孩子的家长们有着何等的重要性。他希望FCSN能成为一个别的社区都能效仿的模式,鼓励其他有兴趣有热情的家长们继续以FCSN类似的模式,建立更多为特殊孩子们服务的中心。


11月5日,FCSN 将在Santa Clara Convention Center举办20周年募款晚会。欢迎所有感兴趣的热心公益的朋友们一起参加这个有特别意义的活动。

如果您想为FCSN捐钱,请浏览FCSN 网站 以了解更多相关内容。


On Sunday August 28th, local nonprofit organization Friends of Children with Special Needs, or FCSN, held a celebratory 20th anniversary event at its main headquarters in Fremont. About 100 people were in attendance.

The group, which was founded in 1996 by ten Chinese-American families, including four families of children with no special needs, has come a long way since its simple beginnings. Now serving more than 800 families, FCSN currently includes not just children but adults in its diverse art, music and vocational programs, and has even opened up a new program center in the South Bay. In addition, although the group holds Chinese-American roots, it has become a much more multicultural and inclusive community, with about one-fourth of the families it serves now coming from various other backgrounds. Yet despite how 20 years has developed the organization, it has never once wavered from its core tenets of providing love, support, and respect for the special needs community, of “dreaming the impossible dream”, as its motto proclaims.

In particular, this event recognized FCSN’s new chairman, Professor Chenming Hu of UC Berkeley, who recently was invited to the White House to receive the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. As the father of a son with Down’s syndrome, Professor Hu personally understands the importance of organizations such as FCSN and the support they provide. He hopes that in places beyond the South Bay, FCSN can serve as a model for other special needs program centers.

On November 5, 2016, FCSN will be holding its annual fundraising gala at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The organization invites all interested members of the surrounding community to attend.

If you would like to donate to FCSN, visit their website at for more information.


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