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A Letter to Judge Danny Chun from Committee of 100

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February 18, 2016

The Honorable Judge Danny Chun
Supreme Court of the State of New York
County of Kings
320 Jay Street, 19th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Re: People v. Peter Liang
Indictment No. 9988/2014

Dear Judge Chun:

The Committee of 100 (“C-100”) is an organization of distinguished Chinese American leaders in the fields of business, law, academia, government, the arts, and sciences. As a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to the full inclusion of Chinese Americans in the U.S., C-100 has been at the forefront for 25 years in promoting due process and equal protection for Chinese Americans and all Asian Americans.

On behalf of C-100, I write regarding the case of People v. Peter Liang. Like most Americans, our members lament and deplore the killing of African Americans without justification. The loss of black lives at the hands of police officers is a complex societal issue that urgently needs to be addressed by all who care about our ideals.

The Committee of 100 supports appropriate and fair prosecution of these matters. We regretfully note the general lack of accountability in such killings prior to this case. C-100 promotes the full participation of Chinese and Asian Americans in every aspect of American life, including law enforcement. There has never been an Asian American law enforcement officer in the news such as this, and how he is treated will signal to Asian Americans and others whether we are equal members of our society.

The evidence in People vs. Peter Liang suggests the situation was an unintentional event involving a frightened rookie policeman who may not have been fully trained nor adequately supported. As importantly, Peter Liang does not appear to be a danger to society. We respectfully ask for leniency in this upcoming sentencing. We trust that you will decide on a fair and just outcome commensurate with the applicable law and the circumstances of this case.

All Americans should feel that justice has been served. Thank you for your attention.

Herman Li
Acting Chairman

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梁警官(Peter Liang)专题


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