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APAPA Statement on Officer Liang's Verdict

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CC Yin, Founder and National Chair of APAPA is interviewed by a reporter during the Chinese Americans Rally in Sacramento, CA on 2/20/2016.

For Immediate Release
February 18, 2016

CC Yin, Founder and National Chair, APAPA
Albert Wang, MD, APAPA National Vice Chair
and National Issues Committee Chair
APAPA National Executive Director
Justin Yu, APAPA New York Chapter, Chairman
Michelle Wang, APAPA New York Chapter, President

APAPA Statement on Officer Liang's Verdict


In the late night hours of November 20, 2014, a terrible tragedy happened. Officer Peter Liang, a rookie on the NYPD force for just 18 months, was patrolling the darkened staircase in a housing project when he inadvertently discharged his gun. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and mortally wounded Mr. Akai Gurley. We, as APAPA and as the Chinese American community are profoundly saddened by the accident and wish to express our deepest condolences to Mr. Gurley's family.

However, there was more than the loss of one life. Many lives are forever altered. Officer Liang has been found guilty of second-degree manslaughter and awaits sentencing.

APAPA and the Chinese American community ask for leniency in the sentencing of Officer Liang. The grief over Mr. Gurley's death would not be abated nor would past injustices of the criminal justice system be corrected by a harsh sentence.

APAPA Intent
APAPA intends to support Officer Liang and his family with the following actions:

- APAPA will offer one to one matching for donations made to support Officer Liang. For every dollar donated specifically for this case on or before March 31st, 2016, APAPA National Governing Board members will donate the same amount, up to $10,000. APAPA is a respected national organization with strict accounting standards.

To donate, please issue your checks to Officer Peter Liang Fund and send your checks to:

Officer Peter Liang Fund
4000 Truxel Road, Suite 3
Sacramento, CA 95834

Or visit and click on the "Donate" button at the bottom of the Home Page. Please send a follow up email to indicating your donation is for the Officer Peter Liang Fund.

- APAPA will mount a letter writing campaign to ask the Honorable Danny Chun, presiding judge for this case, to issue the lightest sentence possible under the law.

- APAPA Chapters will mobilize its members to participate in an effort to support Officer Liang and by participating in the simultaneous nationwide rally on February 20, 2016. APAPA National will provide logistics support.

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA), headquartered in Sacramento, California is a community-based, non-profit, non-partisan organization. APAPA's mission is to empower Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Americans through education, leadership and active participation in civic and public affairs. APAPA currently has 16 chapters throughout the United States, including one in New York City.


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梁警官(Peter Liang)专题


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